New equipment, new capabilities.

As part of APOS' initiative to develop a range of outsourced services in the area of comprehensive measuring , the company has recently opened its own measuring lab equipped with 3D high speed digitizer produced in Germany by GOM mbH. This multifunctional equipment offers a wide range of practical applications:

  • high speed measurement of coordinates
  • scanning of physical models - rapid prototyping
  • conversion of digital models into files for archiving purposes
  • creating digital files for CNC equipment (CAD/CAM/CAE)
  • preparation of virtual objects for animation and computer graphics
Range of services.
At APOS, we have a team of qualified engineers ready to provide you with the following services:
  • touch-free dimensional inspection and complete measuring report
  • 3D scanning / preparation of digital files for CAD - reverse engineering
  • comparison of measured elements with CAD model presented as a coloured map of deviations
  • conversion of scanning results to most popular file formats: STL, IGS, VDA, ASCII
We offer short term availability and attractive prices agreed individually for each project.

3D scanning advantages.
  • fast measurement
  • touch-free technique
  • accuracy up to ±0,03mm
  • precision mapping
  • creation of a digital copy of the physical model
  • measurement results are CAD/CAM/CAE compatible

For more information on our measurement and 3D scanning services please contact:

tel. +48 61 812 52 52

APOS has been certificated by GOM mbH for 3D measuring service.

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