Full service and expertise.

APOS company has had its own, independent tool room since 1986. Many years' experience of staff specializing in constructing injection moulds for zinc, aluminium, magnesium and plastics makes it possible to offer manufacturing of tools for the high quality of which we take full responsibility.
The tool room accepts individual orders for moulds and also supports the production of moulds in APOS company.
In the case of pressure casting moulds, there is a possibility to manufacture test moulds at site in your own foundry.

Technical support .
The tool room has its own designing facilities and has been cooperating with experienced designers of pressure moulds for many years. We offer manufacturing of moulds, starting from a draft design to the finished production tool.
Our specialists use their knowledge and practical skills in order to find the best solution in every project.
The tool room uses computer assisted designing such as PowerSHAPE and PowerMILL by DELCAM. It uses basic interfaces: IGES, VDA, STEP, DXF, DWG.
In our machine park your can find such machines as:

  • CNC machining
  • CNC spark electro-erosion machines
  • electro-erosion machines, wire type
  • jig boring machines
  • internal and cylindrical grinders
  • surface grinders
  • manual turning lathes
  • manual milling machines
We have short periods for processing orders and also offer competitive prices, at the same time ensuring the highest quality which guarantees a long life-span of a product.
We use the best and the most reliable materials in our production.

Contact the Tool Room.

tel. no. +48 61 812 52 52
Tool Room Manager

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